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Summer Volunteers Needed

Hancock Wildlife Foundation -- Summer Volunteers Needed PLUS

Several categories of Volunteers are always Needed:

1. Live-in Volunteers: The Hancock Wildlife Foundation not only installs, supervises and live broadcasts numerous bald eagle cams and other ecological situations, but conducts live research with eagles and has several captive rearing projects, like breeding cranes. We would like our volunteers, particularly during bad weather, to be competent workers at organizing data and entry into the computer.


While the Foundation is a Not-for-Profit corporation and depends largely upon donations and volunteers, our base facilities do have some living facilities where two or three students can live. We also provide local transportation when needed for the job. Unfortunately we are not located near any transportation facility so the volunteers either have make their way to our facilities in south Surrey BC or live here. We will pick volunteers up from White Rock 10 km away but not daily.

We are specifically needing volunteers to assist with field work, rearing birds at the center or even helping with the closely associated Hancock Organics farm, planting our newly developing semi-organic crops.

Timing: all year but more needs in the reproductive-growing season of spring, summer and fall. We like the volunteers to stay a minimum of one month.

Applicants: Please state sex, age, some outline of interests, experience and education. Do you already have some different kinds of related experience -- computers, rearing or training animals, gardening, bird banding, field research, etc.? Do you have a drivers license? Also please give home address or area. While we do not provide a salary we will provide board and living.

Send applications to: David Hancock

Additional Web Related Volunteer Needs:

2. Teachers to Assist in Developing Curriculum Based Programs incorporating Live Cams. Our eagle and other wildlife cams are incredibly useful tools for introducing exciting behaviours into schools. We need teachers to help develop curriculum based units that can incorporate live cams and archived materials. This work can be done here or at home.

3. Film -- Video Editors: The Foundation has acquired considerable archives of video and images and we need volunteers to take some of these topic files and write and produce short educational clips or summary topics. If some Video School is listening perhaps you could make our continuing source of incoming videos into exciting daily or weekly summaries for rebroadcast.  This need here is great.

4. Technical Volunteers: We need volunteers and associates not just in the greater Vancouver BC area, but also around North America to assist us with local live CAM installations. We get requests from around the country with people wishing to have local wildlife placed under live cams. We often need to direct them to a local talented person capable of the installation and getting the signals to our streaming facilities.

For all the above Contact: David Hancock

5. Web Content Providers - Helpers: Our web cams are always in need of people with a few hours to donate daily or weekly to help. Some helpers simply oversee that certain Forum Threads are not abused. Other helpers, with skill sets of computer design or fundraising, are needed for obvious reasons.   Does anybody know about organizing a web based fundraising auction? If you have regular access to some exciting wildlife event, a bald eagle nest in your area, a crow nest out the window, access to some breeding colony of birds or whatever, that you could regularly report on, then you will be given a Thread for that topic so you can share your comments and hopefully your still or video shots with the forum viewers.

For all of the Above Contact: Karen Bills - Project Coordinator

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