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Financial Needs Update for 2014 - 2015

Here are the plans for this season and specifically for the upcoming season that starts in August, 2014 as the resident eagles have departed for the northern early fish spawning.

Bald Eagle Nest Cams: all existing cams to be cleaned and redone for next year

a. White Rock:

Sponsored by Russ & Ellen Cmolik: 2 Fixed Cams + 2 PTZ (pan/tile/zoom) Cams: After a successful year we are optimistic that the 2014 – 2015 season will also be productive. (a) Unfortunately the closeup cam developed a problem half way through the season and the repair option is to replace it by taking another fixed cam pre-wired up the tree by a climber. Hopefully this will be done by Russ & Ellen's climber when he gives the annual cleanup. (b) Since the PTZ in the tree next to the nest tree also quit shortly after installation, we will have the same climber take up another pre-wired PTZ as a replacement.

COSTS: Russ & Ellen have wonderfully supported this cam each year and given us additional support. Again thanks, Russ and Ellen.

b. Delta 2:

The two PTZ cams are functioning well but we need to install a Mic on the Axis PTZ.

COSTS: Cleaning & annual maintenance etc. $3500

c. Lafarge:

Lafarge Cement sponsors this site: 1 controllable PTZ Cam and additional PTZ not controlled: Just needs cleaning and updating the wiring as this pair of eagles annually eats the nest branches and any items available! We are still hopeful that Telus can provide more bandwidth to stabilize this cam but this is beyond our control.

COSTS: Annual lift is provided by Lafarge and sponsorship & service fees are $5000 annually.

d. Harrison Mills:

This site is sponsored by Pretty Estates. While the female eagle had some problems this spring and failed to hatch her egg, after monumental efforts by the pair, we are optimistic for 2014 – 2015.

COSTS: Cleaning and installation of a new mic on the North Vivotek cam. Climber plus annual service fee: $3500

e. Chehalis Flats -- Boundary Bay Cams:

These two sites are listed together since we utilize the same fuel cell and Axis cam at both sites but at different seasons. Due to the loss of part of the Fuel cell membrane to freezing last year we can now only generate enough power to operate a single cam.

(i) Boundary Bay Tower Cams: should be February through September

COSTS: Methanol fuel: $2000 Service Fees: $1500

(ii) Chehalis Flats Tower: October thru January:

COSTS: Methanol fuel: $1500 Service Fees: $1500

f. Underwater Cams:

We should be doing 3 or 4 underwater cams at about $5000 each. This is related to the Bald Eagle Cafe project that needs separate funding.

COSTS: Annual service fees $3500

g. New Sites: Need Sponsors!!

(i) Bald Eagle Nests: We have a couple of new nest sites wishing to be installed with Cams but the funds on hand are not adequate. Each site costs between $10,000 and $15,000 to set up with 2 PTZ cams depending upon access. Are there any individuals or companies wishing to be a sponsor?.

(ii) Barn Owl cam boxes: 2 to 4 boxes Fraser Valley has dozens of barn owl breeding sites needing a cam sponsor. Each nest box set of cams costs about $2500. Are there any sponsors out there?

h. Live Broadcasting Sites:
Some years back before Richard got sick we initiated a few live broadcasts from different sites. This has been on the back burner until Christian Sasse and our new techy, Ben Cadieux (who has worked with Ken this spring), got together to work out some options. Christian has done some direct transmissions from the White Rock site and we are about to reactivate the VibBlaster Productions Richard and I started 3 or 4 years ago. We hope to be able to transmit from literally anywhere we can access the web or a cell phone network.

COSTS: This season we will need some $10,000 to get this started but ultimately we need a production studio from which to coordinate many projects.

If you saw us ˜being rescued" at the Boundary Bay cam tower this week, it was Ben who was out in my friend Glen Browning's boat. (It was Glen's incredible mounting of the stuffed bald eagle that graced our FledgeFest 2013 last summer and hopefully again July 13!). Ben working with Ken and Peter of WildEarth hopefully will have some wonderful happenings this coming season.

Celestron telescopes is considering sponsoring some optics for our HWF and Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival shows.

What we also need is a sponsor of major proportions to support a teacher or two to assist in developing the live broadcasts to better fit the schools' needs.

ALSO NEEDED: Someone with some design skills to put this year's calendar together.


David Hancock
Hancock Wildlife Foundation

PS 1: Don't forget to book coming to our FledgeFest July 13, 2014 with Karen at [email protected] Also the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival/Season of the Eagles & Salmon runs this year November 15 – 16, 22 – 23, and 29 - 30.

PS 2: We hope that this year the PBS program that will incorporate a few minutes of our cams will be appearing. Also yesterday we got a tentative "heads up" on a "Nature of Things" program on our Urban Eagle Cycle. This will open a lot of people's eyes to these incredible birds.

PS 3: Shaw has continued sponsorship of cams in their Community Broadcasting commitment in the Lower mainland and upper Fraser Valley where our streaming videos are directly available on the Shaw Cable TV. Thanks, SHAW TV.

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