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White Rock Eaglets Book Pre-Orders Needed

Click on image to download
Click on image to download

IMPORTANT: Before printing we need confirmation of book orders so that cost of printing is a minimum. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR INTEREST / number of copies by email to:

[email protected]

Our Aim:

Suggested Retail Price $49.50.

Special price: 3 books for $99.99 (Only IF we get enough orders to get a lower printing cost!!)

This is the journey of the White Rock Eaglets, Echo and Foxy

It will contain high res images of Ma and Pa in flight, taking off, landing, fishing, carrying food to the nest, on the beach, first sight of Echo and Foxy from the ground, their development, first flapping, branching, take-off, in flight, landing, posing, taking a bath, exercising, jumping on deck furniture, exploring the urban neighborhood and finally the stranger eaglet at the nest.

All profit from this book will be donated to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation - to keep the web cams going.

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