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It's wonderful to watch Mom and Dad Sidney raise their family - but much of the nesting season, our view of the cam looks a bit like this:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if - all year long - it was as clear as this:

And what if we could see next year's tiny chicks as close - or closer - than chicks from White Rock

and could also watch them fledge - like we did at White Rock

We can. Smile


All we need is roughly $12,000 for a really good camera, more reliable cables, a bigger/better computer, and a high speed/high res internet connection to get the video out to the world.

I'm guessing that most of us don't have that sort of money lying around (if you do - please feel free to make a large donation; I'll probably give more than I can really afford, but unless I strike oil while digging in the flower garden, I can't fully sponsor the Sidney cam). But some of us may know people who could afford to help - or may have contacts who can make recommendations for corporate or philanthropic donations.

We are all learning a lot about eagles in general - and about the stresses on eagle families in BC - thanks to these cams. With better cams, we'd learn more. It's amazing to see the little feathers begin to grow on the chicks when they're just tiny black dots - I'd love to see what they look like up close - and we could do that with a good pan-tilt-zoom cam.

If you know someone or some company or organization who might be willing to be a major supporter for this cam - or any of our other cams - please let me know so I can pass the information on to David Hancock and Karen Bills.

And please give what you can, and a little bit more.

(Click here for Five Easy Ways to Donate)

Flyer, Snuggles and Burrows (and all of us who love to see them) say thank you. love

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