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The Wind Destruction of the Delta 2 Nest Tree

What a catastrophe. If I had ever spoken of the stability of any of our nests I would have put Delta 2 near the top. Oops. Of course we don't usually get these high winds in the summer when the trees are fully leafed-in and offering full resistance.

The question has been asked, could we put in a replacement pole since the area simply has few suitable trees for natural nesting? Certainly the territory of this pair does not appear to have any big trees left. The simple answer is yes. The more complex part is pulling it together in 2 weeks.

First, I suspect the landowner would be cooperative. Second, the costing is quite high. As you know both the cams came down and perhaps we can make one good cam out of the two damaged ones, but no guarantees on that and the repair costs will also be high. We do have another spare PTZ so we could get by with purchasing only 1 new cam - $3500 and $1500 for wiring it etc. Then we would need about $3000 for a pole inserted. This site is easily accessed. It would cost around $2000 for a nest built and installed. Then $1500 for installing the cams. Darn, this still comes to about $12,000.

If we had someone wanting to take on organizing this fundraising drive and they could assure me they could raise the $12,000 quickly, I could get the pole and nest underway immediately. It takes time to have one built to my specifications.

Certainly the Delta region has a number of nesting eagles, but still the area lacks good trees. My nest #169 about 6 miles to the east in Delta also came down. Most of the 9 high tension hydro towers that support eagle nests are in Delta but those nesting structures seem very tenuous considering that BC Hydro could easily terminate all those nests, as they have threatened to do in the past.

Maybe someone has an endowment or a company in their back pocket who would like a Bald Eagle Nest named after them.

With funds so tight I won't get too optimistic but I remain hopeful. Delta, the Bald Eagle Capital of the World, deserves this. Those of you who know this site, or you can look it up on Google Earth, can see it is right between the world's two most productive waters -- Boundary Bay on the East and Roberts Bank on the west -- and a very productive delta of ditches and hedgerows.



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