Streamkeepers earn their Keep!

Wednesday, January 09 2013 @ 07:13 PM EST

Contributed by: davidh

Most of our followers think of our eagles and how well they are doing. As an ecologist I think of how well the eagle habitat is being maintained so that the eagles can do well.  The local Streamkeepers, those volunteers who get paid in satisfaction - not money, have been doing wonders to improve many of the local streams.  The results are starting to come home -- the cleaned up streams are starting to again see spawning salmon, something that has not happened in many years for some streams.  Thanks, Streamkeepers, for the good work.

The HWF does fund a marvelous live streaming cam showing over the season all 5 salmon species, steelhead and the two local trout species.  It is running as I write this and many fish, probably a late run of coho and various trout, are buzzing by the camera.  The Cam is located in the Chehalis River just a kilometre north of where we had the Chehalis Tower cams showing the 1200 eagles each morning and the present Harrison Mills bald eagle nest cam. 

We need some Streamkeepers and fisheries folks to start some Forum discussions on this marvelous resource at our site, to discuss the needs of fish, rivers etc.  It is also exciting that the Harrison - Chehalis River complex has been defined as Canada's best salmon river.  The HWF and the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival have just become invited members of this new Stronghold group.  Our objectives, which you will be hearing more about over time, are to keep this river system the "best salmon river in Canada" and this will not just ensure the continued source of food for eagles, waterfowl and sturgeon, but ensure that the previous 6400 years of continuous occupancy by people of the Chehalis Flats continues. 

The Fisheries & Oceans Canada report on some Chum salmon improvements this year is encouraging.



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