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Sad Passing of Bob Harrington

Wildlife News

Hancock here -- again.

I just had the sad experience reading Paul Spong's report from the World Whaling Commission meetings.


HARRINGTON, Robert Francis
March 3rd, 1926 – Oct. 16th, 2016

Crying seems to help.

I now see a very personal note on the sad passing of Bob Harrington.  Bob was truly a unique human on a world scale. Those who knew him need no explanations.  For some of you HWF followers, even those who have or have not read his incredibly insightful series of books, I will tell you of one personal account of his walking in others' footstepsŁ – or doing as you would have others do or 'humility at the core!  This is but one little incident in knowing Bob for over 40 –maybe that's 50 years.  He was a living conservationist.

Some time back I got a call from him that he had received the highest honor given to a civilian in British Columbia for his work in Environmental Education.  He honored the honor  -- but it meant driving from home in the East Kootenays to Victoria to accept it.  Driving 500 miles was too much world pollution just to receive an award he called to ask me, 'Would I pick it up since I was more local?'  Indeed so few 'walk the talk'!

Part of his story is told in 'The Soul Solution' recently reprinted by Hancock House, with a new foreword by David Suzuki.

We are much diminished at his passing.  Love to Linda and family.


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