Rivers Day 2014

Tuesday, September 16 2014 @ 06:42 PM EDT

Contributed by: davidh

Hancock here: 
  as you may note from the past I think ecologically how creatures are interdependent.  The key to all our existences is water -- pure clean rain, rivers and oceans filled with it.  The challenge for most of us is that greed driven exploitation never -- well seldom -- considers this essential component adequately.  The HWF supports the Harrison Salmon Stronghold and the water-based ecology that supports their salmon and eagles.  British Columbia has been a leader in this key resource management with our former BCIT environmental director, Dr. Mark Angelo, being the founder of Rivers Day -- here in BC, then for all of Canada and then he convinced the United Nations to support World Rivers Day.

Coming up on September 28 is the world's acknowledgement of our most important resource and Hancock Wildlife Foundation will again support one of the local initiatives at Mission, BC.  There will be displays, talks (not too much!!) and riverbank events on the shores of the Fraser  River at Mission -- just on the east side of the Mission Bridge.  Come support our Fraser River and HWF from 11 AM - 4 PM.  See you by the river.
Below are some comments on the World Rivers Day:


Water is the most important resource of the world, hence I spend a lot of time dealing with rivers.  So here we are at the 10th annual World Rivers Day, all started here locally by Marvin Roseneau then at BCIT.  There are thousands of Rivers Days around the world  -- attend one and get more involved in saving a local stream.

Here is some background on International Rivers Day:  http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/-1949474.htm

Dear River Advocates,

World Rivers Day, set for September 28, is only a couple of weeks away.  This year will be a landmark event, our biggest ever, with more than 70 countries formally involved (perhaps up to 100 actually participating), with thousands of events and millions of participants.  Our last update provided a sampling of many of the global events taking place, so please let us know of any other activities, or events, you may be planning.  Also, attached is an example of the ads and television spots that will run in the coming week.  In the days prior to the event, a global media release, in multiple languages, will be sent to thousands of media outlets and social media platforms spanning 6 continents.  Many newspaper ads will run as well.  On behalf of World Rivers Day founder and chair, Mark Angelo, thank you so much for your efforts, and your interest in our waterways.

With best wishes, Scott Denkers, WRD communications coordinator

Hancock Wildlife Foundation