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New Cameras Installed - Port Moody PCT Eagle Nest

September 21, 2010 - This morning a crew arrived at the Pacific Coast Terminals facility in Port Moody to install two Axis 1346E fixed-focus high-definition cameras aimed at the eagle nest in a grove of cottonwood trees near the gate/guard facility.

One of our members, urban Eagle, has been submitting pictures to our discussion forum since May this year like the one seen to the left here.

The nest is right in the middle of a busy industrial area with trains going by and shunting sulphur and chemical cars at all hours of the day.

Note that the picture the left was taken last breeding season. There were no eagles in the area when we put the cameras in.

As you can see in the view from Google Maps view (to the right) this nest is certainly "urban"


ll find more pictures in the new Media Gallery Album for this nest.

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