Pacific Coast Terminals Port Moody Eagle Nest - First Images

Wednesday, October 20 2010 @ 12:23 PM EDT

Contributed by: richardpitt

There are several steps in getting a new camera site up and running, and with the Pacific Coast Terminals eagle nest cameras we passed another milestone yesterday.

Ken Cillis and I installed the archive server and network facilities in the Pacific Coast Terminals guard facility at the base of the tree yesterday morning. The cameras were installed several weeks ago (September 21) while the eagles were away fishing in the salmon rivers.

One of the first things I do with a new camera (or two, as in this case) is to set up a time-lapse facility where we grab an image every 5 minutes. This gives us a sense of what we'll see during the day once we go live, and allows us figure out if we need to block portions of the image for security or privacy sake. In this case we were lucky to also capture one of the eagles visiting the nest prior to the new season.

These first two images in our new media gallery album for this site show the nest from the two cameras - one North of the nest looking roughly South, and the other South of the nest looking roughly North. For our purposes, we'll call the cameras by their view, the North camera looking North toward Burrard Inlet, and the South camera looking South toward the CP rail line and Port Moody. The cameras are roughly the same distance from the nest. We could not give a wider view from another tree as we had hoped; there simply was not a convenient branch with a good view.

The focus on these two images is not 100% because I had not yet gotten around to having the cameras do a fine focus yet, but I thought you would appreciate that the eagles are in the area and that we're working hard to get you these new cameras. While these cameras are "fixed focus" they are also very high resolution compared to what we can stream out currently. We will continue to bring you selected full-resolution images as we can - and members will be able to get access to the high-resolution time-lapse videos too. We'll also be able to "zoom" in (electronically) on the nest as the season progresses, and back out as the chicks get bigger and start moving around more.

Thanks to Pacific Coast Terminals for their sponsorship of these cameras - you'll be hearing more about them soon.



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