Northern Arapaho given permit to kill bald eagles.

Friday, March 16 2012 @ 05:59 PM EDT

Contributed by: davidh

This is both very disappointing and a great slap at the USF&WS policy to save eagles.  This same government agency has been spending millions to record which individual Native has which individual feathers  -- a nightmare in following who owns what feathers.  Now this will open up the killing of eagles to all the tribes.  You can be certain of that, with the economic value of feathers being so high in both North America and in Europe.  Yes, Europeans also have built up a great tradition of powpow dancing wearing NA Native dance costumes.  Many European powpow dances bring NA Indians to Europe each year to teach the NA dance techniques.
This policy of allowing Natives to kill bald eagles, as opposed to getting the road kills, electrocuted birds etc. makes a joke of all the conservation efforts.
We need to be sending the different US political representatives and the USF&WS agency complaints.

Hancock Wildlife Foundation