Heart of the Fraser

Sunday, January 20 2013 @ 03:26 AM EST

Contributed by: davidh

Hi All: 

Those of you who have had the opportunity to visit our Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival or view our Chehalis Flats Tower Cams, or who might get views from the new Harrison Mills live streaming cam, will already know of the jewel in our midst -- The Fraser River and Valley.  Our cams and effort largely focus on one of the side tributaries of the Fraser, the Harrison River and its incredible tributary, the Chehalis -- all just an hour north of Vancouver.  This Chehalis Flats is where the world's largest flock of wintering bald eagles annually gather.


Coming up on this site you will learn of our collective efforts to bring together an educational campaign about how the Chehalis Flats needs some protection from vehicles, boats, seadoos, kayaks, hikers and phtographters.  The HWF, Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, the Sts'ailes First Nation and the collective of the Harrison Mill Community Group are working to preserve this incredibly productive and yet vulnerable area.  This is all part of the bigger project of Mark Angelo to bring attention to the "heart of the Fraser".  Please watch a fine short video of the Fraser lowlands.

David Hancock


Dear River Advocates,

For your interest, attached is a link to a great new 3 minute video with renowned river advocate Mark Angelo (also World Rivers Day Chair) on the wonders of the lower Fraser River and the need to better care for it.  A part of this stretch includes what's referred to as the Heart of the Fraser, the focus of one of the most important conservation initiatives in all of Canada. 

A special thanks is extended to sponsors North Growth Foundation and the International River Foundation. 

Hope you enjoy the video:

Heart of the Fraser


  Best Wishes,  Worldriversday2
     Scott Denkers
     WRD Communications Coordinator

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