Hancock Sidney Update 5

Thursday, February 24 2011 @ 10:21 PM EST

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(Written 2/24/11 at 9:04 a.m. PST)

Wonderful news -- at least a wonderful opportunity

1.      The BC Ministry of Environment has authorized the emergency capture of "Pa" on the basis of his need for emergency treatment.

2.      WildARC, the Rehaber organization in Victoria BC is the legal entity responsible and their experienced raptor handler, Jeff Kreiger, and I will attempt to catch the bird.  We were wishing to establish a fixed feeding station where Pa was conditioned to come but that option was going to take interminable permitting time.

3.      Vet Assistance:  We will have on hand a veterinarian for evaluation and possible treatment.

4.      Banding:   Today I received the final approval as a sub-bander of eagles so I will place a band on Pa so we will know for sure who he is over the years.  Probably no banded bird will have more recorded observations.  The new laws demanded this update, though over the years I have trapped hundreds of eagles. 

5.      Timing:  We were  at first aiming for today, Thursday, but everybody I spoke with, or tried to contact, on Vancouver Island yesterday was desperately digging out from the rare snow storm or not even able to be contacted.  The Island is in chaos, with the storm projected to be worsening as I write this.  Two key players are still not contractible.  Some of the players have previous commitments, so we are planning on Monday for the capture. 

6.      Pa's condition and his vigor seems good and reasonable from our ground crew's constant observations.  Both birds seem to be getting adequate food so the wait, not what I wanted, appears the best and safest option under the circumstances

7.      More on Monday PM.

Thanks for your concerns.

David Hancock

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