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Friday, October 31 2014 @ 06:04 PM EDT

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Hancock here:  Some projects seem to offer more return than others and only rarely do exceptional projects come along.  Those of you who have followed the HWF efforts over the past years will recall the month long tour of schools we organized to take Grand Chief Dr. Rose Charlie and me to talk about “With Rights come Responsibility” and “The Bald Eagle in Spirit & Reality” by Rose and me respectively back in 2007.
The Bald Eagle Café evolved from this same incidence.  We wanted ways to increase the value of Bald Eagles to the public and for the pubic to appreciate the roles of eagles in the ecosystem.  The creation of the Bald Eagle Café, an interpretative center where school kids and adults could sit in a blind where eagles have been conditioned to feed, seemed to offer lots of opportunity.  Finding the perfect location on the Sts’ailes lands gave more potential.  I have defined the Sasquatch Crossing Bald Eagle Café in more detail elsewhere.

What I want to do here is impress upon you my pleasure at finally getting the funding of this project underway.  Our first objective is about $50K to finish up the trail, the signage and the blind.  The HWF is already contributing 3 ptz cams to the site to show the eagles, the spawning salmon, the beaver den etc.  The Harrison Salmon Stronghold is also making this project a key project and we hope to link this trail system into the “Experience the Fraser”  trails from Yale to the Salish Sea. This trail will have as much history and wondrous natural elements as the Continental Trail etc.

I hope our local supporters will come to the Fundraising Dinner and Auction - and buy buy buy - the incredible array of gifts or they will donate cash to the project.  Finally we are needing more donated products, tours, or whatever for the auction.  Below are the easy ways to donate.  I thank you in advance.  Also please consider this my personal invitation to come to our Season of the Eagles & Salmon Festivals and come watch the World’s largest gathering of bald eagles with me.
HWF  Conservation  Associations with FVBEF:  Our Festivals & Fundraiser!

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival:   David Hancock has been a contributing member to the FVBEF organization for 16 years and since the HWF formation in 2005 the HWF has been a strong supporter. David sits on the FVBEF board and is active in promoting associated projects. 
The HWF got the FVBEF to spearhead the formation of (i) the Chehalis Flats Bald Eagle & Salmon Preserve, and (ii) the proposal to establish a Nature Interpretative Center called the Sasquatch Crossing  Bald Eagle Café in the area on the Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge and Ducks Unlimited properties. 
The HWF has also been a prime mover to get the FVBEF expanded from our one-weekend Bald Eagle Festival to become The Season of the Eagles & Salmon that now encompasses three weekends as follows this season: 

Plan your winter around Harrison Mills’ Eagles  -- come to our Bald Eagle Festival, our Harrison Salmon Festival and our Fundraising Dinner & Auction -- and November will be complete and rewarding!!  Come join me at lectures, at the Pretty Estates Bald Eagle Observatory  to see a 1000 eagles or on the river with Fraser River Safari Tours – to see 2500 eagles (!) or more.
Our Three Weekends of Festivals:

              (i)  Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival:  Nov.  15 - 16

              (ii)  Sts’ailes-Harrison Salmon Stronghold -
                                    - Harrison Salmon Festival:  Nov. 22 - 23
(iii)  The Pretty Estates Resort & Chung Ai Photographic Society
                           - Harrison Mills International Nature Photographic Contest:
        Nov 29 – 30  with Fundraising Dinner & Auction  Nov. 29


S P E C I A L   N O T E:     David Hancock / HWF “hereby is requesting donations”  to support the Sasquatch Crossing Bald Eagle Café Interpretive Center through:
 Pretty Estates Resort Fundraising Dinner & Art Auction:    Saturday  4 - 8 pm   November 29

 a.  Get your tickets: only 120 available:   $50 each    

Note: Since we want all seats filled so the dinner guests can bid on the auction items, if you are buying tickets to support the Bald Eagle Café but can’t come please just make the donation and get a full tax receipt.  The FVBEF will issue $25 tax receipt on the dinner tickets and a full receipt on any donations.  Much thanks.
Order Tickets or give donations direct:  https://www.prettyestateresort.com/online-store/event-fees/50-bald-eagle-festival/
b.  Make a donation directly to the FVBEF Bald Eagle Café project (full Cdn. Tax Receipt):
c.  Make a product donation – for the auction. –  Art ? Trips ? Products?
c/o Pretty Estates Resort: Brian Dodd   Brian@prettyestateresort.com Or HWF:  karen@hancockwildlife.org
We will arrange as pickup or shipping address.  Thanks.  David

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