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Christmas Cheers for you and the eagles

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It is hard to believe another calendar year has passed and our eagles are again settling into another breeding season.
First, I want to thank all of you for your assistance throughout the year and particularly those who have donated so much time and dollars to keeping the cams running.  For 10 years you have pioneered this expansion of awareness of some of our treasured beings.  Thanks.  You have stimulated so many others to start their own outreach of more cams, be that of eagles, hummingbirds or a hundred other species.  Just look at the list of species on our site.  It is quite exciting.



I was so thrilled this Christmas Eve Day morning to get to the computer to see both of the pair of Lafarge eagles busy at work in the artificial nest, eating and possibly nest building, in spite of them having another natural tree up the hill.  Maybe they will decide this is their preferred home.  Just directly across the water on the North Shore a new pair of eagles has settled into using the platform we placed in the Mackay Park tree.  To further bolster our ego the pair at Delta 2 has again moved into our artificial platform, the replacement for their wind-downed tree in August.  I have also seen two eagles frequenting our Richmond, Nelson Street, artificial nest this past month.  It appears our efforts to give them nest support in this food-rich urban area is being appreciated by the eagles.  This reminds me that the Dr. Suzuki Nature of Things TV special on our Urban Eagles ('Eagles Next Door') is scheduled for February 4th, at 8 PM on CBC. 
Please all have a safe and wonderful festive season.  As I was just reminded by another couple of associated  conservation organizations, if you find you need another "Tax Deduction Receipt for 2015"  before the year end please send in your donations right away.  
I have not yet officially announced our support of a cell phone tagging program to assist us in determining where our 35,000 Fraser Valley bald eagles, the residents and migrants, come and go. We would love a starting donation of $25,000 to see this project up up and away.  You will be getting the tracking update, so perhaps you would like 'to track your eagle' across its journeys.  (For any contributor please call me: 604-538-1114)
Love and respect to you, our eagles and the sustainability of their homeland,
David Hancock

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