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Chehalis -- Harrison River Eagles & Tours -- Media Offer

Bald Eagle Biology


Notice to the Media:   (also good planning guidelines for the public to book their tours) 

Hi Media;   Photographers / Videographers  -- TV, Radio, Magazines etc. 

We want to promote our incredible bald eagles of the Chehalis -- Harrison Rivers complex, where in the winter of 2010 we had over 7000 bald eagles congregate to feast on the 5 spawning salmon species, and the fact that the Metro Vancouver -- Fraser Valley BC area, with over 360 pairs of nesting bald eagles, is the Bald Eagle Metropolis of the World. 

We are offering the media this complimentary trip up the Harrison River on the Fraser River Safari Tour's beautiful covered tour boat on the basis you will honour the eagles and the joint efforts of the Fraser River Safari Tours and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation in any of your productions.  We further appreciate having copies of any photos or videos to mount on the Hancock Wildlife Foundation & Fraser River Safari Tour web sites.  We will of course give you credits for this -- and we wish to encourage you to post any personal stories you might contribute.  Copies should be sent to our two emails below. You must have a reservation. 

For the 3rd  weekend of November each year we also jointly promote the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival:   



This Bald Eagle Festival features many of the regional environmental organization's info booths, lectures and tours on the wise use of our rivers to ensure the continuance of our incredibly nutrifying, productive and economically valuable salmon species -- the reason we have eagles, wolves and bears and, even more importantly,  the reason we have large forests along the BC coast. 

The HWF  site is also the home of the infamous Live Bald Eagle Cams showing the nest life of bald eagles and other species -- including salmon spawning along the Chehalis River -- in season.     archive.hancockwildlife.org. 

Also on this site is data on the numbers of eagles along the Harrison River. 

For further contact please see:

For tour boat space and timing:  (for Media or the General Public)
                 Jo-Anne Chadwick:  FRSTours at: 1-866-348-6877

For biological info on eagle numbers or interview on the bald eagles and local ecology:
                 David Hancock,  biologist:   604-761-1025
                                                                 "HWF" <

See live cams at:    archive.hancockwildlife.org

Notes on the Eagles and Salmon of the Chehalis -- Harrison River:

        Start of the Season:   1st November
        Peak Season:             Mid November thru December.
                                             (Yes - make it a Christmas party!)
        Later Season:             Some years the salmon carcasses feed 
                                             the eagles through January but in some 
                                             years the salmon are gone in December 
                                             so plan your trips accordingly. 

Watch our HWF   archive.hancockwildlife.org  site for details on the year's salmon runs and numbers of eagles on hand. We run a Forum Thread about the Harrison each fall.  In 2010 by early-December we had over 7000 eagles and by the end of December the salmon carcasses were eaten out and eagle numbers dropped to about 340. 

Further note:   the 7200 + bald eagles seen at the confluence from the Tour Boat is probably the largest concentration of bald eagles or any large raptors ever witnessed anywhere in the world. 

David Hancock

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