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Bald Eagles at the Royal Botanical Gardens survive first month

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By Taylor Ablett, CBC News
Posted:Apr 29, 2013 7:24 AM ET

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2013 7:22 AM ET
Chasing away any potential threats.
Chasing away any potential threats. (Taylor Ablett)

Did you know eagle moms play favourites?

A pair of four-week-old eaglets in a Cootes Paradise nest appear to be healthy and growing.

According to RBG Species at Risk Biologist Kathryn Harrison who does regular checks on the babies, they have survived their first month with flying colours.  Harrison says anything could happen in the first few months of life, making them the most critical.

“What can happen is, they'll have multiple young but they want to play the odds of getting the best offspring,” says Harrison. “If there's not a lot of food available then you might have the mother preferentially feeding one of them over the other.”

The babies were born just before Easter and are in a nest in a tree 30 meters up. If the babies can survive the first few weeks, life can still get tricky despite not having many predators.

Eaglet diet: fish mostly but also mice, muskrats and even a duck

“At issue would be the competition between the siblings or the limited amount of food,” says Harrison. “Which is not the case here, we should have a lot of fish coming into the fish way, and the marsh is a good place for food.”

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