African Spotted Eagle Owl Camera now on Hancock Wildlife Site

Monday, October 18 2010 @ 11:08 PM EDT

Contributed by: richardpitt

Thanks to our friends at, we are now presenting their African Spotted Eagle Owl camera. This pair has nested in a potted plant stand due to pressures on their normal nesting habitat. I use "normal" in a loose fashion, since these owls are every bit as urbanized as our local population of Bald Eagles are here in Vancouver. They sit on the tops of lamp standards and nest in all manner of locations in the urban areas of Southern Africa. 

Just prior to our setting things up here, one of the three chicks fell out of the pot stand and has been being looked after by the local wildlife rehabilitation center - similar to our local O.W.L. center here in the Vancouver area (where we have eagle nest cameras too.)

As of today, Monday October 18, this third chick is back in the nest pot.

Watch this fascinating camera (infrared during night - which is day-time here in North America) and see how the adults handle this re-introduction

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