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Hancock Wildlife Foundation and Advertising

Wildlife NewsEver since David Hancock decided he wanted to let people around the world watch the Hornby Island Eagle Nest Camera provided by Doug Carrick, we've struggled with how to pay for the costs of providing it and the surrounding web infrastructure that has grown up with it.

Today, thanks to work by WildEarth.TV, we have been relieved of the costs associated with the actual streaming of the live video; and in fact stand to receive something from the ads that run with the video. Hopefully this revenue will be enough to cover other costs such as the placing and maintenance of the cameras and the hosting and maintenance of this web site.

In the mean time we've put more advertising around the discussion forum and this "Channel" web site to help with the expenses.

The ads are largely from Google Adsense, with a facility from OpenX (an open source software project) that offers 3rd party advertising if the ads will pay more than Google does. I've set the bar fairly high because at this time we have better control over the Google ads, and Google has better control over their advertisers than some agencies I've used for other projects.

Today, Google has added another control that you, the viewer can use to narrow the focus of ads you personally see, not only from this site but from any site using Google Adsense to deliver ads. Visit Ads Preferences Manager to select your preferences and if you clear the cookies from your browser often, download the plugin they offer that will ensure the adsense selections will survive that cookie clear. You can "drill down" from the top-level to more detailed levels and really select the ads you want to see. I'll note that if you take too long selecting your categories none will show up - but if you go in and select a couple at a time they accumulate.

Read on for more about the advertising and how you can help

We are trying to ensure this web site is "child friendly" and part of that is monitoring the ads that show up and sending notice to the ad agencies about miscategorized ones or objectionable ones. This is a balance between the ever-increasing sophistication of the advertisers in getting their ads in front of us, and the time it takes to deal with the problems. On any given day currently the site sees something in excess of 100,000 ad impressions, and some of these will be the "wrong" ads for our venue.

If you see an ad that you think should not be here, please send the name of the domain it points to (usually visible on the ad or in the bottom browser bar as you hover over the ad with your mouse - do NOT click on the ad) to "advertising @[email protected] hancockwildlife.org" - and it will get to me or someone who can deal with it. Please understand that we don't need to see the image of the ad, and really don't care where on the site it shows up. We also can't just pull it up to look at it ourselves since the ads shown are pretty much random - and some may only show up a time or two on any given day.

Please also note that we are looking for more advertisers - people who wish to support our foundation but who need to see something come out of the relationship. We run our own ad server and can do pretty much any kind of campaign, from a set number of impressions per day/week/month/viewer-day to date-oriented (start/stop) and results oriented (fixed number of click-throughs) and we're competitive with other sites/agencies - and best of all the money goes directly to help the foundation. Again, contact me at the address above.

If any of our members is interested in learning about Search Engine Optimization (aka - web marketing) I'd love to help them learn so they can help the site. It take a fair amount of time to farm an increase in visitors and keep the foundation in front of the world's eyes despite the interesting aspects of the streaming video. We've come a long way since the beginning in 2006, but we have a long way to go too.

Keep up the good work - and let's make this and all future seasons ones to remember

Richard Pitt

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