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A New Season Is Unfolding

Wildlife News

Hi all: A new season is unfolding so quickly. I am just back from a trip to Costa Rica and I see our nests are starting to fill up with eggs. Wonderful.

It is so fascinating that both the Delta 2 and now today the White Rock nest have both delivered their first eggs on precisely the same dates as last year. It again indicates how the light cycle so precisely effects so many of our bird species. While the weather can change annually, the light cycle, the period of sunlight available each day, is very precisely the same each year. And of course our eagles, as well as most birds, have their hormonal cycles controlled by this period of light.

Today, in addition to attending the annual meeting of the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, we got called by the Vancouver Province newspaper to go down and do an interview about the Lafarge nest. Karen suggested we wait until Friday when their first egg would - should be visible but they could not wait. Attached are a couple of shots I took of the Lafarge pair at the nest today. With a little luck -- and drawing on their consistency of egg laying, we should have eggs by the weekend.

Tomorrow we undertake an interview with SHAW TV to provide some overview statement about the White Rock nest that will be used by SHAW to promote their presentation of a few minutes daily of live broadcast on their cable network -- initially in the Vancouver market. This may go beyond the local market -- time will tell. This could be an interesting experiment. Apparently they will be broadcasting the live stream Monday through Thursday at 7:30 a.m.

In a quick drive home from the airport Saturday it was apparent that the lower Fraser Valley still has a great many eagles, primarily sub-adults still hanging around. The local number, over and above all our breeders, is most unusual and probably still reflects that few spawning salmon were available up the coast this past fall to keep the eagles spread out. The eagles are still hanging around key food areas like Boundary Bay and the local landfill.


David Hancock

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