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2012 Fund Drive July 26

A Little-Known Fact

Picture of tiny chicks from White RockI'm guessing that by now many people have realized that we have a push on to raise what we can towards the expenses for the coming year while the eagles - and all of us who watch them - are still in residence. After all, we all want to see next year's tiny chicks up close and personal (clicks bigger) -

And we all want to watch them grow into handsome young eagles like the ones we're watching now (also clicks bigger) -

And I'm also guessing that you might think that our biggest single expense for the coming year is the cleaning, maintenance and upgrades for the cams on our three active nests.

But you'd be wrong.

The costs for servers, storage, bandwidth and network supervision is budgeted at $31,500 for the next year, which is almost $10,000 more than the cost for cleaning, maintenance and significant upgrades in equipment at our three active nests.

Now you might ask what we get for that investment. Well, one of the biggies is this forum and website.

We moved to the current forum... late 2009/early 2010 - so we've been here a bit over 2-1/2 years - and there are already almost 400,000 posts!

I could rattle on about the costs for the sort of internet service needed to send the cam signals to WildEarth for streaming while simultaneously allowing us to be logged in to control the pan-tilt-zoom cams we hope to have at all of our nests next year, or the other technical details - but my eyes glaze over just thinking about that - and I'm a techie!

So I'll just say that without all the infrastructure behind, we wouldn't have a place to post or share our pictures and videos (almost 40,000 items in the Media Gallery so far, and maybe twice that many pictures attached to various posts) or get to know other people around the world who share our interest in - and love of - wildlife in general, and eagles in particular.

Forum member terrytvgal has a line in her signature that I've always liked - "I came for the eagles, and stayed for the friends I made."

The collage above (which clicks bigger) is a sampling of the friends I've made and people whose posts I enjoy on the forum. 1128 people have posted at least once in the past 2-1/2 years - and if even half of those folks signed up to donate $5/month through CanadaHelps or PayPal - that would cover our monthly expenses for servers, storage, bandwidth and the like. You can click the picture to the right to see the Five Easy Ways to Donate to HWF, one of which is through monthly donations.

Our thanks to all of you who support our work in various ways - and a special thanks to all of you who make our forum and website such an active, interesting, entertaining and informative place to visit.

(Credits: Thanks to Raining22 for the s'cap of Linux; Cococat9 for the s'cap of Sky, Starlet and Sorrior; AnniesKatz and byline for the pics of Echo and Foxy; and the White Rock archives for the "little chicks" picture; thanks to terrytvgal for the use of her signature quote; thanks to the 69 members whose avatars I used for the collage - and I wish I could have found a way to use them all.)

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