Diesel spill sparks fears for Patricia Bay wildlife

Saturday, January 28 2012 @ 03:58 PM EST

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Photograph by: timescolonist.com

Biologists are watching closely to see if fish or wildlife have been affected by a spill of up to 800 litres of diesel oil from a leaking generator into a fast-moving drainage ditch that runs into Patricia Bay.



The leak came from a backup generator at Epicure Selections, a spice and cookware company on West Saanich Road, but another company that installed a faulty part in the generator is financially responsible for the clean-up, Epicure spokeswoman Erin Acton said. "We had a part fail in the generator and Finning, the company that supplied the part, is responsible for assessments and mitigation," Acton said.

The generator was fired up last Sunday and the Environment Ministry was called as soon as the leak was noticed Tuesday, Acton said.

Ministry spokesman Suntanu Dalal said booms and pads were placed at several places between the spill site and Patricia Bay on Wednesday, and more remedial work was scheduled for Friday.

Provincial and federal staff will inspect the site Monday, Dalal said.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans officials inspected the outfall at the beach on Thursday morning and did not observe any visible contamination," he said.

Epicure is working with spill response co-ordinators and agencies that are trying to mop up the oil, Acton said.

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