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New Zealand releases last big group of penguins after treatment

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40 little blue penguins released on Mount Maunganui beach
40 little blue penguins released on Mount Maunganui beach

A group of around 40 little blue penguins, cleaned and treated for oil damage caused by the stricken container ship, Rena, was released on Mount Maunganui beach in the city of Tauranga, New Zealand on Thursday (December 15).

A large crowd gathered to watch the event, with the penguins transported to the beach in coloured boxes.

The birds had previously been covered in oil that was spilled by the Rena, which became grounded on a nearby reef on October 5.

They had been recuperating at the Wildlife Recovery Centre at Tauranga, where they were washed and scrubbed, and held until their beach habitat was cleared of most of the spilled oil.

Link to story and video : www.theweathernetwork.com/news/storm_watch_stories3&stormfile=new_zealand_releases_last_bi_151211

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