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Elementary School students have their very own Eagle Camera

 www.eagles4kids.com is not just a website for kids wanting to watch eagles. It’s a website designed and created by kids who want to watch their very own bald eagles.

 With a $5,000 grant from the state, and community support, Wisconsin elementary school teacher Mike Lawrence and his grade 3 - 4 class at Blair-Taylor Elementary School entered the world of live streaming webcams.

Their nest is located in Western Wisconsin on private land, about 17 miles from the Mississippi River and close to the Black River. Built five years ago in a cottonwood tree along a trout stream, eaglets have been raised in the nest each year since then. The camera, installed mid-November, is 4 feet above the nest.


The students did a wonderful job with the webpage and will be responsible for maintaining it. 


The Hancock Wildlife Foundation wishes them every success!


Watch the camera here: 

 Eagles4Kids Nest


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