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The Man Behind the Bears


Northland News Centre, Duluth, Minnesota

July 9, 2010 


While the facebook page of Lily the bear continues to grow with fans, it seems there may need to be a second page added for the man conducting the research.

And it only took a camera in a bear den.

"Shortly after we put the Lily den cam in it became the number one search topic on Google in the world. And now hundreds of Lily fans are coming to Ely for a 'Lily Pad Picnic' so they can all meet each other," said Dr. Rogers.

And it seems lately, the bears aren't the only ones with a growing fan base.

Dr. Lynn Rogers of the Wildlife Research Institute has been a key player in growing the bear center's popularity.


To read more, go here:



Watch the video:



Link to the public Facebook page for Lily (and Hope) the Bear:


(note: you don't have to be on Facebook to read the page)

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