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Bald eagle killed by wind turbine in Norfolk County

Posted By M Anderson
Posted 5 hours ago

A dead Bald Eagle was found about 40 metres from an industrial wind turbine in Norfolk County last year. The eagle’s body was sent to Bird Studies Canada and then to the MNR. An examination of the carcass showed it had injuries consistent with a sudden impact while toxicology tests indicated it was otherwise healthy
MNR Representative, Ron Gould stated “It may take several years to conclude conclusively.”
One healthy eagle out of a total of only nine nesting pairs in Norfolk County may be unsustainable. This wind facility has been operating only a year. Thousands more turbines are proposed along the north shore of Lake Erie and the number of deaths can only increase. Why are we experimenting with an endangered species?
The tips of these blades are travelling at speeds of 200 mph, sweeping the size of a football field. Eagles naturally soar on wind currents, as they always have. But the MNR blames the eagle for being “careless”.
The mortality of one bald eagle from a nesting pair is most likely the loss of a nesting site and increases the mortally chances (which is already high) for eaglets if killed during the nesting season. Bald eagles mate for life.
Killing or even harassing a bald eagle is supposed to be a chargeable offence. What sort of investigation was done to ensure proper mitigation was in place? Well, you see, the CEO of International Power who owns this turbine also happens to be the Executive Vice President of the Liberal Party of Canada, Mike Crawley. Judge for yourself.



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