Salmon Rally During the Games Draws Concerned Crowd

Thursday, February 25 2010 @ 11:14 PM EST

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Chief Bob Chamberlin Leads Welcoming Song


Chief Bob Chamberlin Leads Welcoming Song


The rally for wild salmon the Wild Salmon Circle held on Saturday brought out a crowd of over 200 people to listen to speakers and to add their voice to the growing unrest about the state of salmon farms on the coast of British Columbia. To the rallying cry “how do we want our salmon?” there was a resounding “WILD.”

The sun shone brightly on banners in both English and Norwegian with the same general message: open-net salmon farms must be removed from B.C. waters now. According to speaker Otto Langer, formerly fisheries scientist and manager at the DFO, salmon farms are placed on young salmon smolt migration routes when the smolts are so small the lice they pick up from fish farms kills them. “It’s like you and I carrying a 40 pound animal stuck to our body, draining us of life.”

The message was clear that Canadians are in solidarity with the Norwegians that salmon farms must clean up their act. Shannon Ellis, a Grizzly Wilderness Tour operator, was outspoken in her talk about the ecological damage that will occur if wild salmon are allowed to die off. “There will be no more salmon swimming upstream to spawn and die, ensuring healthy growth of both our big trees and predators such as grizzlies, otters and eagles.”

“It’s symbolic to me that there were families with young children at the rally, because the next generation is going to inherit whatever we leave them,” says Rick Glumac of the Wild Salmon Circle and emcee at the Rally. “It breaks my heart that their generation may not see BC’s incredible wild salmon runs. We must be more willing to commit to the precautionary principle to protect these fish.” ...


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