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Faltering Light

A Visual Petition - Save the Grizzly Bears.

There are less than 10,000 Grizzly Bears left in British Columbia, they have been extirpated from most of Canada. Each year 400 of the strongest males are shot for trophies. This must simply stop.
So imagine making a difference, this was the inspiration that lead conservation photographer Andy Wright to conceive and promote the “Faltering Light” visual petition. It is a glossy high quality coffee table book of four chapters: an open letter to the BC government requesting that trophy hunting of bears is stopped, essays from leading environmentalists and 21st century conservation thought leaders, spectacular sepia grizzly, black and spirit bear photographs and YOUR SIGNATURES supporting the termination of the trophy hunt. Copies of the book will be delivered to Premier Gordon Campbell and Environment Minister Barry Penner before the trophy hunt resumes in April 2010. Copies of the book will also be presented to British Columbian libraries and the Vancouver archive at city hall as a permanent record of every signing individual's historic contribution. So help us make history, record your name for posterity and join Andy Wright and founding supporters Simon Jackson, Ian McAllister and Wayne McCrory to make this visual petition a significant creation that changes history and saves the magnificent bears of British Columbia.
Please visit the petition site, check out the book and please tell your friends for our goals are at least 10,000 signatures.

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