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What Causes Sea Level Rise?

Planet Earth

Global Warming, Ice Melt: Some Facts.

The International Society for Ecological Economics, and its regional associations around the world, is a gathering of ecologists with a profound goal of bringing sanity to the greed normally displayed by the world's economic leaders for the purposes of changing to a sustainable relationship between people and our world's ecological systems.

In my many visits to northern British Columbia and particularly Alaska since 1958, the pronounced melting of the continent's ice sheets has been a dominant feature and warning of the world’s changing climate. My current annual visits aboard the Princess ships have further ingrained the perilous plight our greed-driven society has unleashed on the globe.

The following is a fine review, in Brighter Planet, of the key elements that effect the “sea rise” as a consequence of global warming. Understanding the simple physics that bring about the melting of ice is a very good start in understanding the issues.

Sober reading, more sober solutions!

David Hancock

HWF and member of the ISEE & Brighter Planet

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