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Injured Osprey reunited with fellow birds

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Birds of a feather: Recuperated animal returns to the wild

By Robert Barron, Daily NewsAugust 25, 2009

Ferry passengers waiting to travel from Nanaimo to Gabriola Island on Monday morning were treated to rare close encounter with a large bird of prey.

A young osprey, affectionately known as "Ozzy," was rescued by crew members on the MV Quinsam when they stepped in to save the fledgling raptor after it was attacked in mid-air by a bald eagle on Aug. 2 during what may have been its maiden flight.

After spending the past three weeks recuperating from the incident at a facility in Delta, Ozzy was released in the ferry parking lot on Monday morning by Lorinne Anderson from Cedar's Wildaid and was almost immediately joined in flight by a larger pair of ospreys. Anderson speculated they may have been Ozzy's parents.


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