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Seafood Co. Gives Fish, $11,000 to Eagle Rehab

Article published on Wednesday, Jan 16th, 2008
Kodiak Daily Mirror Writer

When 50 bald eagles dived into the back of an Ocean Beauty Seafoods truck preparing to transport a load of fish guts, they did so with dinner on their minds.

Now, officials with Ocean Beauty plan on providing that.

On Tuesday, company officials called the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage where 29 eagles are being treated after their ill-fated plunge, and offered to help feed the birds.

“Right now I’m in the middle of trying to get some fish over there to them,” said Tom Sunderland, director of marketing for Ocean Beauty Seafoods.

Sunderland said all that’s left is for BTLC to let Ocean Beauty know how much fish the bird center needs.

“I don’t want to send them more than they can store, so I told them, ‘I’m going to send you sufficient fish to meet your needs.’” Sunderland said. “All that’s left is for them to tell me what that is. We’re just going to make sure (the eagles) are well fed.”

Sunderland also said the company made a $5,000 donation to help offset the costs associated with rescuing the birds.

They also donated $2,000 to each of the other three raptor centers in Alaska.

“We’ve committed to them to be responsible for whatever it takes,” Sunderland said.

Sunderland also said the company is committed to sending the eagles back to Kodiak if that is what is decided.

“We’ll do whatever is in the best interest of the eagles,” Sunderland said. “In other words, we’re trying to leave ourselves open to what the biologists tell us to do.”

It remains to be heard what will happen to the birds.

Gary Wheeler, head of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Center, said it was good to hear that Ocean Beauty officials were willing to send the eagles back to Kodiak where they belong, and he foresees that a committee will be formed to discuss what to do with the eagles once they’re ready to be released.

“We’ll step up and do what’s required,” Sunderland said.

Ocean Beauty has operated the Kodiak plant for more than 40 years and said this is the first incident of mass bird death. Company officials said the birds dived into the truck before it could be covered.

Reference Link: http://www.kodiakdailymirror.com:80/?pid=19&id=5699


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