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Fans Would Keep an Eagle's Eye on Nest Camera

Urban Eagle Sightings


published on December 21, 2007

From Record Searchlight On-line:

Why do we imagine that Redding's famous eagles, having nearly fomented a public insurrection, will now decide that there's entirely too much fuss around their old nest and find a quieter perch for the season?

Given Caltrans' recent luck in wildlife management, it would be no surprise.

No amount of good intention could overcome the rotten image of crews tearing down a bald-eagle nest, and the agency was smart to change its approach to handling the protected birds near the upcoming Highway 44 bridge replacement.

Now, Caltrans will let the birds make up their own minds, and the nest will lose its cone and be monitored by video.

Caltrans is even considering an online eagle-cam, so the birds' many devotees could check up on their well-being through their computers.

That's the best idea yet in this whole saga.

The fear all along was that construction commotion would push the adults to abandon their eaglets, but some member of the eagles' intense fan club would have an eye on the nest nearly 24/7. If the babies were left behind, a rescue would be dispatched faster than you can say national mascot.

Reference Link: http://www.redding.com/news/2007/dec/21/fans-would-keep/

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