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Canada's Great Basin Landbird Conservation Plan

Conservation & PreservationCANADA’S GREAT BASIN

http://www.pifbcyukon.org/PDFs/PIF%20BC ... 02003_.pdf

    Executive Summary
    This plan is intended to help guide and focus landbird conservation in the Canadian portion of the Great
    Basin Bird Conservation Region (BCR 9), encompassing British Columbia's Southern Interior
    Ecoprovince. It represents a cooperative effort among a wide range of partners in the region: various
    levels of government, conservation organizations, industry, landowners and academics interested in
    landbird conservation.
    The objectives of this plan are to:

      1. Focus bird conservation in an ecologically-based Bird Conservation Region (BCR);
      2. Assess all landbird species and their conservation threats within this BCR;
      3. Determine priority species and habitats;
      4. Set landscape-level population objectives using the focal species approach, and to further
      development of landscape-level habitat objectives for focal species;
      5. Recommend actions to achieve objectives, and outline implementation strategies;
      6. Recommend research and monitoring activities to evaluate and improve conservation

    Please cite this document as follows:
    Partners in Flight British Columbia and Yukon. 2003. Canada’s Great Basin Landbird
    Conservation Plan, Version 1.0. Partners in Flight British Columbia and Yukon, Delta,
    British Columbia, Canada. 100 pp.
    For copies of this plan, please write to:
    Partners in Flight British Columbia and Yukon
    5421 Robertson Rd., RR#1
    Delta, BC
    V4K 3N2
    An electronic version of this plan is available at:

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