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Sounds of a Bald Eagles Nest

Victoria/Sidney Nest *Sounds of a Bald Eagles Nest*

The Bald Eagles Nest near Sidney has not only two camera's which provide streaming Live Video but also a microphone which is allowing detailed sound recordings of the Eagles' various calls and other sounds in and close to the nest.

Soundguy, one of our moderators on the discussion forum, is monitoring and recording these sounds and has posted voice prints, video/sound clips from this nest and also comparison sound clips from other nests.

*First recorded Feeding of a newly hatched chick * can be heard in this two minute edited clip

*Comparison of the Hornby Eagles Chatter with the Sidney Eagles*:

*Sounds of The Intrusion, where the Sidney Eagle pair protect their nest*. As many as four eagles are involved in a very loud battle at the nest:

*Three waves of Canada Geese fly very close to the nest, and the brooding eagle screeches many warnings*:

*Sounds of a Woodpecker near the nest*:

*Female Eagle communicating with her young eaglet*. This vocal fingerprint is unique. We've not heard an exact duplication anywhere, anytime from the female. Now we have a positive make on the female talking directly to her young eaglet, which will aid immensely in the study of eagle language and communication.

The above is just a sampling of some of the recordings captured so far this season. Recordings of the sounds from the Sidney Nest will continue throughout this nesting season. To read the full discussion and see other links to the recordings go to the Hancock Wildlife Discussion Forum, Sounds At The Sidney Nest

Following the fledge and departure of the Sidney Eagles this fall, we plan to create CD's and/or DVD's to store the eagle communication audio from this years as well as last years activity. These will be dated, and run chronologically.

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