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We've Done It - the Sidney Bald Eagle Nest is Online!

Victoria/Sidney Nest It has taken far longer than anyone ever expected, but we finally have the Sidney nest cameras online in full motion video and audio. Thanks very much to the people at Insinc for giving us a hand with our own Windows streaming media server - getting it to the point where it is up and running and serving up beautiful video from all our cameras.

We'll continue to serve up the smaller 2-frames/second versions on the various sites' main pages so you can quickly see if there is anything happening on the nest - and because so many more people can watch them than can currently watch the full feeds. I'll be adding the Goldstream cameras to their page shortly.

We'll of course soon be offering the pay-for-view options for those who want to enjoy our cameras without the advertising. I know lots of people who are chomping at the bit for that already.

While we're getting our sponsors and other advertising set up, and while everyone is still on the cameras via our free server, please be aware that our bandwidth allocated to the streaming server is limited, and will grow only as the income from other sources grows. Please don't leave the video on if you're not actively watching, and get off after a few minutes in any case to let others on. We have not limited the number of feeds, only the bandwidth. This means that as the number of people rises past what the system can deal with, each will get less until the dreaded "buffering" shows up. Note also that this limit is for all the cameras together, not just the Sidney one.

If you really must continuously watch, please use the flash video on each site's main page to decide when you want to pop over to look at the full feed - or make a note of the time and watch during the replay each evening after dark at the camera sites.

I'm still getting the various scripts done up for cycling the sites at night and each morning, so please bear with me over the next few days. In the mean time, enjoy! richard ps. For those of you fond of digging inside the web pages and going directly to things instead of taking the long way around, please understand that by going directly you are depriving the Foundation of potential revenue to offset the tremendous cost of providing this wonderful service. Even if you discover ways to get around the ads and other things, please don't tell others - and understand that if we find too many people doing it, we'll simply change things, which takes time away from bringing you other great items.

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