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Thursday, August 31 2006 @ 03:48 PM EDT

Contributed by: richardpitt

We are so pleased that many of you have uploaded your videos and pictures of the Hornby and Saanich nests in the new Hancock Wildlife Media Gallery. We are sure that our viewers will enjoy watching your creative works for some time to come. (NOTE: Videos that use copyrighted audio files may have to be removed at some point in the future. We are looking into this issue.)

We ask that any remaining copyrighted imagery posted to any site other than Hancock Wildlife be removed from those sites immediately.

As an example of how these videos might be misused, one of the Hornby video clips was found on a YouTube video as "pets in a local zoo being scared by Chewie" (of Star Wars fame). This is not how we want our eagles represented! Also, some sites allow viewers to create collectible gifts such as T-shirts, calendars, or mugs. As we are sure you realize, Hancock House reserves this right for itself. Please help us, and help the eagles in the process.

Our copyright committee will be contacting those people who have not removed their postings of our images on other sites. In addition, Hancock House will issue formal "take down" notices to sites such as YouTube and PutFile, where the majority of files have been posted. Other sites such as zshare, pBase, Webshots, and the like will also be contacted.

Thank's for your cooperation!

Hancock Wildlife Foundation