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Update: Aug 11 - To Sidney +++

Victoria/Sidney Nest

Re; Update on my Aug 11 Visit to Sidney NEST:

Yesterday I spent 3 hours at the Sidney nest -- saw Sid + both parents and a second juvenile soaring 1/2 - 1 mile away that could have been Vic or another of many nearby juveniles or others passing by. It never came near the nest.

So as of Aug 11 at least 3 are still on site and doing well. I spoke with FrankL and he saw 4 birds yesterday and of course also is not certain if the 4th bird is Vic or another since "it" did not come near the nest -- even when food was broungt. Perhaps some of you watching the nest more consistently will know if both Sid and Vic have been at the nest (together?) in the past few days. Please let me know.

Yesterday I also took to Bob, our camera specialist who set up Hornby Is camera and helped with the Sidney one, 8 more cameras -- things are happening. Never as fast as I would like -- but happening!! Our developing site -- HWC -- will show this over the next months.

RE: Our New HWC WEB: As you can see the past few days Richard has been trying to independently set up our entire WEB, the various Forum options and the Streaming options -- both LIVE and referencing the back files and hundreds more we are acquiring. This is a bit painful but is definitely working. ((He just called to say some of the early bugs have already been worked out -- thanks for your patience!)) We are also this coming week starting to have the new WEB site -- its look and functionaliy -- totally redone. It appears that with this whole field of Live Streaming Video -- a totally new field at this level of 24 -- 7 that we are constantly needing updates from whoever can help. So if you are a techy person who can help us with knowledge of how we can present the highest quality image to the largest number of people, most economically I personally would love to hear from you. See detailed on needs below. Our 2006 season (Hornby and Sidney nests) LIVE EAGLE CAM was an incredible test -- now we have developed a plan to advance this for the future, and are now developing the support tools to make it educationally better, more economically viable and ultimately profitable for our upcoming Non-Profit society. The proceeds, which we believe should generate a profit, will then support more conservation education and research.

Re: Note on What is coming: We want as many records as possible of how people saw and reacted to the CAM. We will shortly have all the 2005 records -- which nobody but Doug and I have seem as this was not Streamed, only recorded, and then all the 2006 summaries. And of course several other people have been sending us other eagle and nature films for presentation on our archived streaming library. We welcome more -- all nature topics. This is going to be a super wildlife reference site!!

Re: Some details for Techy People / Suppliers who could possibly assist us with information or quotations on what they could supply for us is posted separately.

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We are getting ready to ask for a few Forum Moderators -- once the bugs have been worked out. Contact: me:

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Much thanks,
David Hancock
1 800 938-1114
Email: david@hancockwildlife.org

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