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Perspective Changes over Time -- well MAYBE? Maybe Not!

Victoria/Sidney Nest

UPDATED --- Aug 5th Posting:

Now, Aug 5, 2006, it is interesting to point out that what was said then (April 8/06) -- is largely the same now, except that the cost of the computers and 60+ hard drives, Richard's travel and costs for over 6 months, not to mention my travel costs and time, have greatly extended our initial investment. --- read more ---->>>

--- continued ---

Similarly, Infotec who has also continued to look after the costs of the streaming video (supplemented by a substantial donation of bandwidth by MicroSoft) , but they have also received all the advertising reveunes to date and they have reported to me that they have lost money on the venture as well.

In my case I am receiving donations to help offset some of our costs and in support of next years CAMS -- this is absolutely wonderful and so appreciated. One hundred percent of these donations goes directly to support the CAMS and further eagle work. None is going to administration by myself or my company -- we have and will continue to donate that. We are now in the process of developing a Not-For-Profit Society -- more on that as it happens.

Certainly I feel that through this CAM exercise public awareness of eagles has greatly benefitted, the eagles hopefully have benefitted and I most incredibly have benefitted. Never have I felt such reaffirmation that what I believe in, has been so heartily received. Fifty years of making wildlife films and publishing books has not influenced so many people. The incredible response means that we are on the right track. We will reorganize the cameras, create supportive educational materials, improve the distriubtion and advertising and subscriptions so this whole project can continue even better for 2006 - 07. We look forward to your continued interest and support.

David Hancock
Eagle biologist.
Email: david@hancockwildlife.org

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The following was my resonse to a viewer Peter who thought the ads that were just introduced on the screen by Infotec were not nice !!

HI Peter; April 8, 2006.

Your concerns For Sponsorship -- Ads are interesting but not well based.

I was very naive when I started this project. I thought of only the initial costs. First Doug's costs which he had absorbed, then of my costs of the highspeed line, the encoders, the computer, etc. I was offered, via my computer tech man, access to Streaming Video -- the free offer of some extra bandwidth they had and were not using.

Ho ho -- what was generously offered and accepted -- has become a nightmare of costs. It turns out that none of us anticipated the response.

On each of the past few days the cost of the bandwidth has been over $1000 per day --and we are not able to provide enough to supply the demand. The generous offer was of their "surplus bandwidth" -- not breaking them. This nightmare has to be turned around by finding sponsors to pay for this cost. It turns out that every single person connecting to the site actually takes command of a separate stream -- unlike the web which is shared. The more users the more cost. At least that is also the saving grace.

Presumably we will find, and everybody is working hard to do so, a sponsor(s) that can both meet the present demands and our expectation of more people signing on.

On top of this the need for almost daily adding in more servers is astronomical. I, and apparently you, have/had no idea of the cost of this different technology nor its maintenance costs.

I am confident that this eagle experience -- the most incredible in my 53 years of studying eagles -- is meaningful to a sponsor and we get to keep it on the air.

We have now set up an ability to accept donations through my company. These donations will be accepted to support future eagle research (not bandwidth) if you care to contribute. Your interest in the birds is much appreciated. Infotec, who has come to the fore footing the many many thousands of dollars of costs, is deserving praise -- not criticism. Without their support the site would not exist. If they can get sponsors it will continue.

Much thanks
David Hancock
Eagle Biologist

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