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Do You Have a Summary of Eagle Data?

Victoria/Sidney Nest

Nesting Eagle Data Needed: --- A couple of Requests ---:

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HI Live Eagle CAM followers:

I would love to post on our site some summary data and it has been suggested that several of you might well have been keeping notes:

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continued ---

1) Does anybody have any summary tables or charts of:

----- a) Frequency of feedings?
------- - food drop offs?
------- - taken by either / both chicks?

2) Timing of any activities? Feeding?, sleeping? exercising? etc

3) Timing of attendance of adults at nest?

4) Timing of Incubation activities, exchanges etc at Hornby IS?

I would love to have this data and be please to get to posted in a common spot. Some of the summaries might well make it into the books.

5) Listing of food species? amounts?

6) Any other items???

Please send to:

Much thanks
david hancock.
email: david@hancockwildlife.org

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