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We Want to See Your EAGLET PROJECT


Do You Have an Eaglet Project? Painting? Poem? Video Clip, School Report?

Hancock House is now ready to accept submissions of eaglet–related postings and projects: paintings, text files, video clips, screen captures, school projects, teacher and student experiences ... anything and everything related to the Hornby nest, the Saanich eaglets and their parents, and the web cam experience that we shared this spring and summer.

The Hancock Eaglet Editorial Team (HEET) is currently writing the history of and gathering data from the 2006 Live Eagle Watch CAM project.

We invite you to submit high-resolution digital images of any paintings, carvings, textiles or other art work,video clips, that were stimulated by our eagles and eaglets for possible inclusion in the HEET projects. --- read more --->>>

--- continued ----

We will consider all material that is submitted, and select several (but not all) items for inclusion. A special email address has been set up to receive high-resolution files or files of any size:

[email protected]

The following are examples of potential projects to be published by Hancock House and how your submissions might be used:

(a) DVDs showing student/teacher projects: we would like to include examples of how students benefited from this year's experience in orer to show others how to get more from the next live CAMS.

(b)DVDs as a record of the eagle family and the observers (you!). These will possibly be used as a fund-raiser for more CAMs and conservation research.

(c) Student Workbooks are being prepared as supplements to the DVD, and we would like material that would assist students and teachers in getting the greatest value from future CAMs.

(d) a Book is being organized to tell the fine story of the CAM, the EAGLES and YOU! Poems, statements, artwork, would be especially appropriate.

If you decide to submit a poem or painting, student projects or stories of how the eagle cam affected you, please understand that by sending such material, you are giving us copyright permission to use these items if selected for the DVD and/or books. We will certainly credit the work to you in the way that you wish.

When sending an email to [email protected] , please include the following:

SUBJECT LINE: please include topic or specific subject for our ease of indexing.

BODY: Please state your name and contact information; that the work submitted is your original compilation, and that if chosen for inclusion in any Hancock House project, you agree to assign copyright to Hancock House.

Many thanks for your participation, and particularly the joy of being able to share your thoughts, projects and contributions.

David Hancock: (Update: July 28/06)
and the HEET project participants

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