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Update on Naming of "Victoria" and "Sidney"

Victoria/Sidney NestFirst, much thanks for all the kind comments and understanding. As stated earlier 'naming our kids' was a difficult and 'emotionally charged' issue for most of us.

Our contest had very specific rules set out on the Hancock House forum which we followed.

Read on for more info on our special offer to all entrants:

Lorraine my coordinator & receiver of the Contest emails has all the applications with their time of arrival automatically recorded. With the number of suggestions coming in, and particularly the quantities of the same names or versions of same, this numerical ordering became essential. Then when the decision on the names was made she simply started at the top of her inbox and picked up the first 11 winners. These winners have been posted. It is not practical to go through these again to double check if someones submission did in fact arrive and at what time or if it did not arrive. Time does not permit this. This was a fun exercise and we appreciate all the participants suggestions. The option for everyone to be involved and support the project through purchase of a book, CD or T-Shirt is there.

Since hundreds of people suggested the same basic names, and while this sort of suggested where my decision should go, we were only able to offer prizes to the first 11 as indicated in the rules. As a statement of appreciation to all those participating and all those persons so committed to the successful fledging of our chicks, I have offered a discount -- to all followers, those submitting names or just following the site --- on purchase of the Hancock House books, CD or T-Shirt products.

Already we see an incredible fan club forming -- "Victoria" and "Sidney" -- obviously have their following. We will post pictures of the followers with the T-Shirts in the upcoming days as they arrive in here.

I am sorry we cannot either have chosen all the names or award all the people who even sent in the same names a prise -- other than offering the free freight and autographed copy of The Bald Eagle as outline in the special bonus offer. Click Here --> See the "Special Bonus" section at the bottom of the article on the winners

Again thanks so much

David Hancock

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