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Banded Bald Eagle Observed -- Who Banded it?

Wildlife News

Juvenile Bald Eagle seen Dec 8, 2005 along the Harrison River wearing BLUE wing marker on Right Wing.

Does anybody know about this marking? Where is the eagle from? When banded? We would like to know of your study?

OUr incredibly interested group of eagle followers here on the Chehalis -- Harrison River complex is keeping notes on this bird but we would like to pass these along to the biologist who did the baniding. There are likely already over 1000 eagles on the river today and the numbers will likely double by early January. My point is our group of eagle watchers could provide various studies with some interesting notes.

FURTHER REQUEST: --- Eagle Study Clearing House? ---

I would love to offer a site / forum here for anybody to submit notification of eagle studies, your contact details. This could act as a clearing house for observers to hone in on marked birds and who to tell. I havd been given numerous sight records over the years but I have never known where to track down the study supervison and who to tell. This might readily be a possible service here -- and at no cost to anybody. We will provide the Web space.

Please call David Hancock 1-800 938-1114 or email me at: david@hancockwildlife.org

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